Saturday, November 19, 2016

On Saturday 11/5/2016 two homeowners requested a solution to water escaping below the semi frameless bypass doors of their newly installed shower. When the doors are closed there was a gap greater than 1/4" between the sloped bottom track and the innermost door. This allowed some of the water to splash out onto the floor and nearby wall.
These homeowners had significant water damage issues in this room months ago which I had urged them to tear out and reconstruct as soon as possible. Their homeowners' insurance covered specific contractors for the repairs which were performed. When these contractors had concluded their work and seemed to reach the limit of what they would come back to address, they called me.

I knew I could not add directly to the door because of the track guide on the bottom middle and discussed with the homeowners their preference of door use and position. I brainstormed overnight with function and aesthetics in mind and was able to deliver this the very next day:
I custom made this piece on site from a section of aluminum angle iron. I cut it to size and added five holes drilled at an angle precisely to allow any water in the channel to drain.

For the best function I recommended the doors be used in the same configuration each time the shower is in use. I let them know specifically why this was a better option than adding track to both sides, which is to keep direct water from the exposed "U" channel on the other side. This makes it more effective, safer and easier to clean and keep clean.

As always, I consider it a privilege to work on another's home and strive to reflect this in my approach and workmanship. I made sure these homeowners knew they can contact me if anything I have done requires further attention or to tackle the next item on their home to-do list.

The pictures in this blog are posted with the express permission of the homeowners.